Cannaqap To Weed Out Unreliable Cannabis Testing Labs

CannaQAP to weed out Cannabis testing labs not doing things the right way. Program ensures labs are practicing accurate, reproducible, and thorough testing.

Kaycha Labs Achieves Rigorous pfc Certification

Kaycha Labs has been certified by PFC. This rigorous certification means Kaycha Labs is one of the most audited cannabis and hemp testing facilities in the U.S.

Meet Kaycha Labs’ New Chief Financial Officer

We’re excited to announce the recent appointment of Alan Silverman as the company’s CFO. The newly created role is a result of the company's fast growth.

Kaycha Labs Becomes The First Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory (cmtl) In Florida

Kaycha Labs is a Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory (CMTL) in Florida. Both Davie and Gainesville locations received CMTL certifications from The Florida Department of Health.

The Importance Of Certificates Of Analysis In The Cannabis Industry

It’s essential for your customers to know the truth behind your product. This is why we offer the most comprehensive and dynamic Certificate of Analysis in the industry.

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