Testing Vape Carts For Safety

Many of the vapes being sold on the street are dangerous fakes that are putting the consumer’s health at risk. In fact, nearly 80% are unsafe.

Cannabis Lab Standards

Unfortunately, the lack of national cannabis testing standards has really put the consumer at risk.

Black Market Cannabis Is Cheaper, But Can It Be Trusted?

Although buying marijuana on the black market (where the supplier is connected to organized crime or gangs) may be cheaper, consumers get what they pay for

What’s In Your Strain? Only A Lab Can Tell

Cannabis consumers aren’t always getting what they pay for. A recent study shows strain names are mostly inaccurate and cannot be trusted.

Does Higher Thc Content Really Mean Better Quality?

Bigger is better in America, so people tend to gravitate toward cannabis products packed with more THC, as they are often seen as being of higher quality.

Case Study: How Klone Genetics Prevents The Spread Of Hlvd

Klone Premium Genetics, arguably one of the leading wholesale genetics producers in the country, uses MH Verify to test all of their product for HLVD.

What Are The Dangers Of Smoking Moldy Cannabis?

Ingesting moldy cannabis through smoke or edibles can bring about several health risks, the good news is mold can be easily detected, but lab testing is paramount.

Corrupt Cannabis Testing Labs Are Spreading Like Wildfire

Cannabis testing labs are charged with keeping a tight leash on product potency, contaminants and maintaining the overall safety of product.

Does Your Cannabis Farm Employ A Department Of Plant Defense?

The viroid called Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) is a pesky, elusive disease infecting cannabis and hemp crops all across the United States.

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