Kaycha Labs Achieves Rigorous PFC Certification

PFC Certified Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Testing Lab

As the Gold Standard for all Cannabis and Hemp testing, Kaycha Labs continues its commitment to provide our industry with what it needs most … greater transparency and trust from field to retail. As such, we are proud to announce that our Colorado lab received a Patient Focused Certification (PFC) from Americans for Safe Access (ASA).

What is PFC?

The PFC program was developed in 2014 and is a stand-alone certification that provides consumers with clear insight and transparency when it comes to the contents of their products. The Patient Focused Certification is what patients, healthcare providers, companies, and regulators can depend on to identify reliable, high-quality medical cannabis, businesses, products, and services.

Stephen Goldman, Kaycha Labs’ Chief Science Officer, stated “This certification continues our march towards transparency and higher accountability with our clients.” Goldman also shared that Kaycha Labs has undergone every single external audit available making Kaycha one of the most audited cannabis and hemp testing facilities in the United States.

Who is Americans for Safe Access?

Founded in 2002, Americans for Safe Access or ASA is the largest national member-based organization that advocates for the acceptance of Cannabis as medicine. ASA has recently partnered with the accreditation body, A2LA, to provide ISO certifications and accreditation to labs across the country. This partnership adds an extra level of verification to ASA’s standards, ensuring clients that PFC is a quality program they can trust. ASA’s program covers all aspects of the Cannabis industry. They provide certifications for labs and the cultivation and processing industry, as well as the packaging and dispensary distribution. With these four primary areas of accreditation, ASA can cover the entire Cannabis and Hemp industry.

What does the PFC Certification Mean for Kaycha?

ASA’s PFC program goes the extra mile, providing testing labs such as Kaycha with benefits that they would not receive anywhere else. In an interview with PFC Director, Heather Despres, M. Sc. she describes the PFC certification as a company’s commitment to transparency. This accreditation proves that labs such as Kaycha put the consumer first. Despres states, “PFC doesn’t just look at quality maps and technical documents. We take into account the unique situations that may arise in the Cannabis industry. PFC looks at whether or not the facility is going to be coded correctly, whether personnel is receiving the appropriate training, and so on.” Despres continues, “We’re also looking at security provisions and protocols. PFC is a Cannabis industry-specific add-on. People outside of the Cannabis industry, especially consumers and even other businesses, can understand that this is a quality program that ensures provisions are run correctly.”

Patient Focused Certification is setting the bar and the standard for accreditation within the Cannabis industry. With this certification, Kaycha Labs will not only be receiving quality agricultural, laboratory, and manufacturing practices, but they will be accepting practices curated for Cannabis-specific operations.

Is the Patient Focused Certification for All of Kaycha’s Labs?

Currently, this certification will only be for Kaycha’s lab located in Denver, Colorado. However, there is a possibility of expanding all of Kaycha’s labs to receive this certification with ASA’s duel program. Currently, suppose a lab is set to receive its ISO 17025 from A2LA. In that case, they can choose a duel check-list standard that covers both ISO and PFC as a streamline option, allowing labs to receive two different certifications and accreditations with only one audit having to take place.

What Does the PFC Program Mean for the Cannabis Industry?

Patient Focused Certification benefits everyone involved in the Cannabis industry, particularly patients, as it provides the most transparency surrounding the Cannabis product’s contents. The PFC program is certainly something for all labs working with Cannabis and Hemp products to consider when it comes to their certification and accreditations.

This program is yet another standard for those in the Cannabis industry to aspire to. According to Despres, the PFC program takes a variety of things into account, “especially with respect to U.S. and federal laws.” Despres continues, “I think there is sometimes a lack in the industry where, because we’ve been working in it for so long, we forget that [Cannabis] is still federally illegal, so, we at ASA want to make sure that is the kind of thing that is covered in training.” Therefore, the PFC program works to set a higher standard within the Cannabis industry. Those who choose to receive this certification are choosing transparency regarding the product or their client’s product.

Kaycha Goes for the Gold with PFC

By providing the nation with various labs and testing facilities throughout several states, our goal at Kaycha Labs is to deliver quality results. Currently, Kaycha Labs delivers fast and accurate full-panel testing for potency, homogeneity, heavy metals, microbial contamination, mycotoxins, residual solvents, terpenes, pesticides, and more with our Denver, Colorado-based lab able to test both Cannabis and Hemp Products.

Patient Focused Certification will enhance Kaycha Lab’s ability to provide our clients with the most accurate and transparent testing protocols on the market. Suppose you are a Cannabis manufacturer or cultivator. In that case, you must have your product tested with a lab that has Patient Focused Certification, and Kaycha Labs is proud to now have this certification as another example of commitment to its Gold Standard.

Partnering with an accredited lab ensures the best results that are thorough and accurate in testing your products. Our commitment to excellence is why Kaycha Labs is America’s first choice in Cannabis Testing. Our labs provide the most reliable and consistent testing services in the industry. The PFC audit, performed by Americans for Safe Access, is just another example how Kaycha Labs continue to raise its network of laboratories to a higher standard. Kaycha Labs recently became the first Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory (CMTL) in Florida. Both our Davie and Gainesville locations were awarded the first two official Florida Department of Health’s CMTL Certifications.

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