Why Is Cannabis Testing So Important?

Laboratory Cannabis testing is paramount to consumer safety. The process ensures that all pot products sold in dispensaries have been tested by a third-party lab, like Kaycha Labs, and deemed safe for the consumer. This way, they can feel confident that what they see on the label is what they are getting. It’s all about transparency.

We Need To Educate Cannabis Customers To Buy Legal

The legal market needs to remain competitive by persuading consumers to abandon the illicit market for their health. Educating the consumer spells victory.

What’s Wrong With Scrapping Cannabis Testing Limits?

Dropping Cannabis testing limits only serves to undermine the standards, quality, and expectations that customers have come to appreciate.

How Can We Improve Gas Station Cannabis?

Until agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration intervene, gas station owners should opt to do business exclusively with reputable cannabis firms.

All I Can Get Is Untested Cannabis Products. Are They Really That Dangerous?

Consumers should be made aware of the hazards of consuming untested cannabis. These products have proven to be ineffective and pose serious health risks.

Testing Vape Carts For Safety

Many of the vapes being sold on the street are dangerous fakes that are putting the consumer’s health at risk. In fact, nearly 80% are unsafe.

Cannabis Lab Standards

Unfortunately, the lack of national cannabis testing standards has really put the consumer at risk.

Black Market Cannabis Is Cheaper, But Can It Be Trusted?

Although buying marijuana on the black market (where the supplier is connected to organized crime or gangs) may be cheaper, consumers get what they pay for

What’s In Your Strain? Only A Lab Can Tell

Cannabis consumers aren’t always getting what they pay for. A recent study shows strain names are mostly inaccurate and cannot be trusted.

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