DAVIE, Fla., Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Kaycha Labs, the largest network of cannabis testing labs in the United States, has announced a strategic investment in cutting edge sample testing machinery from Anton Paar, the world's premier manufacturer of analytical instruments. The new machines will enable Kaycha to move to a fully automated testing process; create a Gold Standard in cannabis and hemp testing; and meet the company's ambitious throughput roadmap.

Kaycha Labs has identified three Anton Paar microwave digestion systems – Multiwave GO, the Multiwave PRO and Multiwave 7000 – which will result in improved speed of analysis; increased capacity, safety and reliability; higher precision; and reduced environmental impact.

Chris Martinez, President of Kaycha Labs says, "As the largest network of cannabis testing labs in the US, we are committed to improving existing standards in our industry as well as establishing new ones. With this new technology, our laboratories will be able to conduct more analyses per day at faster speeds and ultimately help us implement our modern automation program."

Faster analyses are highly valued by lab customers who use the data to solve their canna-problems or make decisions more quickly. In addition, faster analyses add value for the laboratory itself by extending the capacity of the instrument to allow more tests to be performed on it each day.

Martinez adds, "This is more than just an investment in Anton Paar's machines. We plan to continue to develop new methods for cannabis testing which will take Anton Paar's science even further. Our goal is to be the foremost, fastest and most precise cannabis testing laboratories in the world."

Neil Boesl, Vice President at Anton Paar, who manages the company's Southern Region office in Houston, says, "Anton Paar values innovation and precise measurement above all else, so it is exciting to work with like-minded partners like Kaycha Labs. We share a common vision that will require aggressive strides being made in throughput and automation. We look forward to working with Kaycha to help create a new standard in cannabis testing."

For more information on Kaycha Labs, contact Craig Hammon at craig@kaychalabs.com or 954.368.7661. For more information on Anton Paar USA, contact Jeff Linka at jeff.linka@anton-paar.com or 804.550.1051.

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