Strengthening communication between patients, providers and researchers with the help of electronic tools, such as MJ BUDDY’S patient journal including our appointment and dosage reminder tools.
Shimadzu’s Cannabis Testing Solutions cover a broad range of applications, from potency testing to pesticide screening. We supply the instruments, methods and experience necessary to get you up and running quickly.

PathogenDx Technology: Simple, Powerful, Inexpensive Microbial Testing.PathogenDx has developed the next generation of very large-scale DNA based microbial testing for: cannabis, botanicals, food and agricultural products and water testing.

Hamilton Robotics provides solutions for fully automated workflows. Our liquid handling workstations provide consistent results for assays, ranging from low-throughput pipetting protocols to high-throughput systems with integrated sample storage.
Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratory members are dedicated to achieving the highest standards for quality assurance testing protocols. All of our members must adhere to strict guidelines for scientific acumen and legal responsibility.
Our Mission is to provide the cannabis industry with transparency, legitimacy, and accessibility.We provide a comprehensive platform for seed-to-sale cannabis tracking, control, and intelligence. Our products and services empower organizations with a network of tools to run their business in an intelligent, compliant, and purposeful manner.